Feel Amazing in Your Body, Mind, and Heart – Even in This Stage of Life

Aging is an opportunity to activate your wisdom, optimize your physical form, and find full expression through your heart. 

You’re here because you don’t believe “this is it.” 
You don’t believe that your best years are behind you. 
You don’t believe that you’re destined for pain, stiffness, and less freedom. “I am not done living fully and feeling vibrant in my body!”

Well, here’s the truth. 

You don’t have to resign yourself to the picture of aging our culture paints for us. You can grab the wheel and live as the healthiest, happiest version of you. Really. 

Feeling and living this way starts with giving your unique body exactly what it needs to flourish in this stage of life. 

  • Full-body strengthening exercises to build muscle and stability…
  • Self-massage to relieve aches, pains and stiffness… 
  • Mobilization techniques to maintain full range of motion in your joints…
  • Mindful awareness to stay connected to what matters most to You… 

All of these practices help you create the reality, the experience, the life you really want to be living, and I’m here to be your guide. 

As a fellow 50-something, let’s show the world what’s really possible with age.

Flourish Over 50

A 90-day group experience to reshape the mental and physical blocks of what it means to age.

Flourish Sessions

(1:1 Support)

Receive a personalized plan designed to help you build self awareness, shift your mindset, and learn how to support your unique body.

Flourish Classes

Yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage, breath strategies and mindset work to help you find and heal your body blind spots.

My Journey 

The role wellness has played in my life and how I found my way to embodiment work.

Early Beginnings

At the ripe young age of 16, like my peers I was excited about parties and boys… but beyond all that I wanted something more. I wanted to wake up every morning feeling good… energetic… even amazing. I don’t know why I thought about that so much – but it felt just as important back then as it does now. 

Starting then and there, I began my search to discover ways that would help me achieve that feeling. I started building my repertoire of self-care habits that I have continued growing ever since. 

Although much of my learning at that time was self-led, I can’t take all the credit. Continually driven to become the best version of herself, my mother was an undeniable inspiration and force of good in my life.

A naturally spiritual person, she introduced me to the “new age” metaphysical movement when I was a teenager. And what she modeled helped me pave my own pathway to meditation and mindfulness. 

By the time I was in my mid 20’s, I was searching for meaning and purpose in my life. I wanted to know more about my connection to something “greater” than myself. 

One of the practices that helped me find that connection was Yoga. Through Yoga, I connected to my body and built strength, mobility, and fluidity. It wasn’t until I’d been practicing for many years that I realized that yoga helped my mind feel more present, too. 

Yoga & Meditation 

Then at age 30, I read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Parahamansa Yogananda, and my life was changed even more. I found my way to the Self Realization Fellowship and began learning about meditation and studied Kriya yoga. 

When I started to meditate regularly, the results were undeniable. Meditation helped me learn how to manage my life, find more balance, see more clearly, be more present, slow down, take things in, and listen to my heart’s calling. 

That calling has taken on different forms over the years, but the essence has remained the same, and that is, simply put, to know myself. In order to feel love and happiness in your life, you must first learn to love yourself. There is no way around it. 

The Big Shift

When I reached my 40’s, I started to notice that my body was responding differently to my movement practice. I’d been primarily practicing yoga and doing the same poses repeatedly, but my body was starting to talk back. 

All of a sudden, my blind spots were illuminated. It was undeniable that there were places in my body that I’d been overusing, underusing, even misusing. Much to my surprise, I discovered that my pains were a result of repetitive movement. 

That’s when I was introduced to another incredible modality, the Yoga Tune Up® method, created by Jill Miller. YTU taught me my way around my body by taking me on a deep dive into anatomy and physiology. It really was an “A-ha!” time for me, being a student of my body like I had never been before. 

A Greater Calling

It took me 40 years of seeking, learning, studying, absorbing, failing, applying, and then starting again and again,to begin to feel I knew enough and gained enough experience.

At 50+ I feel my lifestyle and wellness habits have paid off. The consistency of my practices — even though they might have taken on a different look, shape and color over the years (because I’m an ever-changing human that is continually growing – just like you!) — have helped me to create a body that is strong and mobile and a mind that is interested in the Now, and curious about what’s possible for me in every stage of this life. 

Through my programs I will share with you what I’ve practiced, what I still practice, and what I know to be true… You can feel better in your body, mind, and heart – even in this stage of life. The truth is, it’s never too late to flourish! 

Will you join me? 

Professional Bio

Stacy Jackson is an RYT 500 Yoga teacher, Integrated Yoga Tune Up instructor, Roll Model Method Practitioner and Trainer. 

Stacy has pursued yoga and movement practice since the 1990s. It all started with her immersion as a meditation student in the Self Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. 

In 2013, Stacy completed her RYT 200 hour teacher training at the Rising Lotus Yoga studio. Soon after, she studied fitness therapy with Jill Miller and became a Yoga Tune Up instructor. Following this, she specialized in self-massage as a Roll Model Method Practitioner and Trainer. In 2019, Stacy completed her RYT 300 hour in the biomechanics of yoga with Jules Mitchell.

Through her full spectrum of training Stacy offers an interdisciplinary approach, emphasizing anatomy and biomechanics. Her classes blend a therapeutic style of conscious corrective exercise, with the worlds of yoga, fitness, pain management, and myofascial self-care. She is passionate about guiding students toward finding intrinsic delight in living, moving and breathing, no matter their condition, age, or stage of life.

Now in her 50’s, Stacy invites women to embrace the idea that aging is an opportunity to integrate their inner and outer wisdom, optimize their physical form, and flourish through their hearts. She guides them through her group and private offerings.

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