Renew what it means to be in your body, mind, and heart. Flourish at this age. Get ready to treat yourself to more mobility, strength, and ease.

When you compare how it felt to live in your 30-something body to your 50-something body, a lot has likely changed.

  • There are aches, pains, and stiffness where there used to be mobility. 
  • There are smile lines and crow’s feet where smooth skin used to be. 
  • There are yawns and fatigue where high energy used to flow.

Back then, you felt beautiful, you felt strong, you felt resilient.

And today, you can’t help but believe that those things are probably behind you. You not only feel it, but our culture reinforces the idea that getting older steals your life force.

Making you less visible, less valuable, and less beautiful.


There is a part of you that questions this.

Is this really it?
Is my vibrancy really on the way out? 
Is my body really that limited?

No, it’s not.

With the right form of movement, with the right practices, and with the right mindset, you have the power to reclaim that vibrancy, that vitality, that resilience, that beauty.

You can flourish in this stage of life.
And it’s never too late to start.

To flourish after 50, you have to think beyond the current challenges and fears in your life, and answer these simple questions…

  • What really matters most to you?
  • What do you want more of in life?
  • What is your heart’s calling?

With my help, you’ll reshape the beliefs that keep you living from a small, limited perspective, and discover the tools you need to expand in every way.

As an Embodiment Teacher, I guide you to:

Explore whole body movement Create new, life-giving habits Develop a growth mindset
All of which will help you design and live life with more energy, more flexibility, and a more optimistic view.

so, how do we work together?

Flourish Over 50

A 90-day group experience to reshape the mental and physical blocks of what it means to age.

Flourish Sessions

(1:1 Support)

Receive a personalized plan designed to help you build self awareness, shift your mindset, and learn how to support your unique body.

Flourish Classes

Yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage, breath strategies and mindset work to help you find and heal your body blind spots.

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